Audience Of One (A Poem)

The world keeps spinning faster, people flying everywhere.

Is it too much that we ask for that someone stop and care?

Why are we all in such a rush to make that money to get that touch?

We forgot about the person because we aim too fast, for too much.


The personal touch ain’t home, it’s almost like it’s gone.

While you’re trying to reach the masses don’t forget about the one.

The audience of one is who you’re talking to,

Stop and take another look before you do what you’re gonna do.

You may be writing to reach thousands, but if you’re not careful they’ll be gone.

Just remember that you’re writing, to the audience of one.


The online world it flashes fast, almost faster than the eye.

To grab attention doesn’t last it takes a thoughtful mind.

If you’re selling what you do, make sure it’s what you love.

Then take the time and slow it down and give the personal touch.


There is a way to master this and lead them by the hand.

But it takes a story, a relationship, and trust isn’t built by demand.

When you’re giving your all and your best, every day until it’s done.

Then surely you’ll be blessed, when you consider the audience of one.